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Why should I recover?

Dear friend,

The eating disorder wants to keep you trapped in thinking that it can give you happiness, success, the perfect life, etc. The eating disorder wants you to think that life would not be complete without it. But friend, when you take a step back and realize all the reasons why you should recover, I hope you know that there are so many benefits to letting it go. You do not deserve to be trapped in your eating disorder any longer. Here are 25 reasons why recovery is worth it…what would you add?

  1. To have the energy to play my sport

  2. To build more muscle strength

  3. To stop having injuries

  4. To enjoy exercise/movement again

  5. To have a worry-free vacation at the beach

  6. To live on your own/independently

  7. To travel to a different country/state and not worry about my body or food

  8. To be free

  9. To socialize with friends and family again

  10. To enjoy work/school

  11. To enjoy restaurants without stress

  12. To have my true identity back

  13. To try new foods

  14. To take care of my body

  15. To help someone else who struggles

  16. To stop holding in my feelings and be vulnerable

  17. To experience life outside of exercise

  18. To start a family someday

  19. To be spontaneous

  20. To be free of Ed’s control on my life

  21. To wear clothes that I want to wear

  22. To eat my favorite foods again

  23. To be confident in myself

  24. To release stress from my friends/family when they worry about me

  25. To tell my story of how God saved me and used my struggles to get closer to him


Meghan is a recent occupational therapy graduate and lives on the East coast. Meghan currently works as a recovery coach at a residential eating disorder treatment facility. Meghan’s passion for raising eating disorder awareness stems from her own personal struggles, in addition to having friends/family members that have struggled with eating disorders as well. While Meghan hopes to start her occupational therapy career soon, she wants to continue to be involved in the eating disorder field and advocate for the role of OT in ED treatment settings. When Meghan is not working, you will find her planning her next Walt Disney World trip.

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