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Peer Mentorship

The Live RecoverED Peer Mentorship Program is a 6 month long support program designed to connect individuals struggling with body image, disordered eating, exercise, and eating disorders of all kinds with mentors who have successfully reached full recovery. Peer mentoring is a type of support given by individuals recovered from an eating disorder, who can provide insight and hope based on their own story. This can be a very special relationship, one that a friend or therapist cannot fully provide, contingent on shared experiences and mutual understanding. Both mentors and mentees have the opportunity to grow and learn through building this unique bond.  Having someone who “gets it” may fill a gap in recovery that other forms of treatment cannot provide and be that extra push towards food freedom and body acceptance needed in recovery. We hope that our program can shine a light in the darkness and show that recovery is truly possible. 

**Please note that it may take 3-6 months to get connected with a mentor. 

Friends Having Coffee
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