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Loving yourself this Valentine’s Day

If marketing companies and commercials have done their job, the start of February should remind the world what “love truly means” with red accents, red roses, teddy bears with red hearts, and chocolates in heart shaped tins. It is understandable if the commercialized definition of Valentine’s Day and so much red begin to cloud your view of self love or other forms of caring about someone. The color starts to make me roll my eyes as we get closer to February 14th each year.

Singing teddy bears start to slowly invade the isles, and boxes of candy are stacked each day higher. I encourage you to look beyond the semi-legible, dusty messages found after opening a box of candy hearts to define love. After all, you can only be someone else’s Valentine if you are your own first.

Each person and every strong woman deserves to feel love in more genuine ways than the ordinary acts on this holiday. Some view it as a day to honor the love they already feel, but some view it as a stand alone day to express love. They save February 14th as the day to show someone how they feel but forget the rest of the calendar. Every day also holds the potential to express feelings of devotion or adoration not only for others, but for themselves. Everyday is an opportunity to turn inward and show yourself the love that you deserve without needing a reason.

There is no occasion that this mid-winter day should carry extra stress or hesitant feelings. Take the time to find a reason to love yourself to prove that you are always worthy of acts of endearment and not wait for January to turn to February. Show those around you, and yourself that they are worth more than a stuffed animal that will fade with time and lose value. Deserving to be loved cannot be reasoned with the monthly revenue of a Walgreens during the holiday and much less bought with roses and chocolate.

If looking for love each year around this time has become routine, I believe you already have found someone worth the love you are searching to give if you look in a mirror.


By Maddy Blaedow

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