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Meghan G.’s Recovery Story: From Client to Recovery Coach

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Eight and a half years ago, I was a scared high school student at an eating disorder treatment facility, wondering how I’d even gotten there in the first place. Growing up, I heard about eating disorders, but never imagined that I would be diagnosed or struggle with one myself. Something about transitioning into my freshman year of high school made me spiral into an unhealthy place, and before I knew it, I felt I was drowning in an ocean I couldn’t pull myself out of. There were so many days that I cried out to God to take my struggles away. I often questioned God, asking him why I battled with an eating disorder in the first place. But even though recovery was a rocky road for a long time, God put those obstacles (and amazing supports) in my life for a purpose, because now, I can help others who battle through the same thing.

Just how I never would’ve imagined being diagnosed with an eating disorder, I never would’ve imagined I’d be helping others recover from their eating disorder. I recently started a position at an eating disorder treatment facility to help clients challenge their food rules and conquer their ED thoughts; the same thing I had to do in treatment years ago (and still have to practice to this day).

Am I 100% recovered? No. I feel that I am close, but not completely there yet. It may seem strange that I work at an eating disorder treatment facility and I am not fully healed; however, I know God puts occasional eating disorder challenges in my life because one of my clients (or someone else I know) may be struggling with the same thing. I also know that God puts ED challenges in my life as a reminder that I need to trust in him when I struggle.

Recovery is not easy. It takes a lot of bravery. But know that God’s got you, even when it doesn’t feel like it. He will lead you right to where you are supposed to be. Keep fighting.


Meghan is a recent occupational therapy graduate and lives on the East coast. Meghan currently works as a recovery coach at a residential eating disorder treatment facility. Meghan’s passion for raising eating disorder awareness stems from her own personal struggles, in addition to having friends/family members that have struggled with eating disorders as well. While Meghan hopes to start her occupational therapy career soon, she wants to continue to be involved in the eating disorder field and advocate for the role of OT in ED treatment settings. When Meghan is not working, you will find her planning her next Walt Disney World trip.

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